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Live Taps Bugler
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Live Taps Matters

My fee as a Taps Bugler is $150. On short notice, I will travel up to 250 miles from Saint Louis, Missouri to include Illinois.

Remember: Live Taps Matters.

Always ask for Live Taps. Veterans deserve Live Taps, not a recording. If not requested, an electronic recording will be played instead.


When I sound Taps, you will hear beautifully played Live Taps by a professional, full-time Military Funeral Honors bugler. It will be played correctly with a soul-stirring tone. I play Taps on a symphonic orchestra-quality trumpet that is capable of producing great depth of sound, and possesses a sweetness that allows me the greatest of expression when sounding the 24 soulful notes of Taps.

Don't settle for anyone except the best as your Taps Bugler! You will hear correctly rendered Live Taps.

I am a member of the Saint Louis Musician's Union Local 2-197.

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery

Breaking News:

As part of the Military Funeral Honors ceremony, Taps now will by default be played on a digital bugle as a recording. Sometimes a volunteer from
Bugles Across America will show up and play Taps with varying degrees of sound quality based on their musical training. Eliminate that uncertainty by using a professional, full-time bugler. I am not a member of Bugles Across America.

Playing with a beautiful, flowing sound takes acquired skill to play Live Taps properly. The notes should be connected with soft, non-harsh tone attacks. Each note length must be mathematically correct in relation to the notes that follow. In other words, Live Taps should sound beautiful! 


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Upon request, I can play any < Military Bugle Call > or a favorite song such as "Danny Boy," "Amazing Grace," etc., during the Military Funeral Honors ceremony.


I am Bugler Bill Hershey better known around the Saint Louis area as the Live Taps Bugler. Whether sounding a call for "Attention," sounding "To The Color" at a patriotic ceremony, playing "To The Post" at a racing event, playing the "National Anthem," rendering "Taps" at a funeral or memorial service, or sounding "The Last Post" at ceremonies, these calls can provide a perfect option. I was a professional, highly skilled trumpeter / Taps Bugler with The United States Army Band (Pershing's Own) at Fort Myer, Virginia and sounded "Taps" at Arlington National Cemetery as a member of this elitist military band. Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery is currently where I have performed at Memorial Day and Veterans Day services in the Saint Louis area. I have sounded Live Taps at thousands of funerals and church funeral services, and at Civil War related events. I also sound brilliant, attention-grabbing trumpet fanfares using a piccolo trumpet at weddings and special events.

I sound Taps in a pressed, business suit. I am available on short notice and will play beautifully in any weather condition: Rain, Scorching Heat or Freezing Cold.


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On the day requested, I will arrive at the funeral site one hour before the anticipated time of the Military Funeral Honors presentation and will coordinate Live Taps with the firing team and/or the military flag presenters.

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