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Live Taps Bugler

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Live Taps Matters

My fee as a Taps Bugler is $150. On short notice, I will travel up to 250 miles within the Saint Louis, Missouri area to include Illinois -- Live Taps Matters.

Always ask for Live Taps. Veterans deserve Live Taps, not a recording. If not requested, an electronic recording will be played instead.


When I sound Taps, you will hear beautifully played Live Taps by a professional, full-time Military Funeral Honors bugler. It will be played correctly with a soul-stirring tone.

Don't settle for anyone except the best as your Taps Bugler! You will hear correctly rendered Live Taps

I am a member of the Saint Louis Musician's Union Local 2-197.

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery

Breaking News:

As part of the Military Funeral Honors ceremony, Taps now will by default be played on a digital bugle as a recording. Sometimes a volunteer bugler will show up and play Taps with varying degrees of sound quality based on their musical training. 

Playing with a beautiful, flowing sound takes acquired skill to play Live Taps properly. The notes should be connected with soft, non-harsh tone attacks. Each note length must be mathematically correct in relation to the notes that follow. In other words, Live Taps should sound beautiful! 


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Upon request, I can play any < Military Bugle Call > or a favorite song such as "Danny Boy," "Amazing Grace," etc., during the Military Funeral Honors ceremony.


I am Bugler Bill Hershey better known around the Saint Louis area as the Live Taps Bugler. Whether sounding a call for "Attention," sounding "To The Color" at a patriotic ceremony, playing "To The Post" at a racing event, playing the "National Anthem," rendering "Taps" at a funeral or memorial service, or sounding "The Last Post" at ceremonies, these calls can provide a perfect option. I was a professional, highly skilled trumpeter / Taps Bugler with The United States Army Band (Pershing's Own) at Fort Myer, Virginia and sounded "Taps" at Arlington National Cemetery as a member of this elitist military band. Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery is currently where I have performed at Memorial Day and Veterans Day services in the Saint Louis area. I have sounded Live Taps at thousands of funerals and church funeral services, and at Civil War related events. I also sound brilliant, attention-grabbing trumpet fanfares using a piccolo trumpet at weddings and special events.

I sound Taps in a dark suit. I am available on short notice and will play beautifully in any weather condition: Rain, Scorching Heat or Freezing Cold.


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On the day requested, I will arrive at the funeral site one hour before the anticipated time of the Military Funeral Honors presentation and will coordinate Live Taps with the firing team and/or the military flag presenters.

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