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Links to Military Funeral Honors Resources

1.  Echo Taps

Two professional buglers will play Echo Taps. I will provide another professional bugler that will sound the echo to the Taps bugle call. It is a wonderful sound -- Echo Taps.

2.  Professional Bagpiper:

Families wanting a professional bagpiper can contact Matt Pantaleoni by clicking on the link below. Matt is a world renouned bagpiper.

Matt Pantaleoni ...



3.  Military Chaplain Services:

Families may want a military Chaplain to officiate at the funeral ceremony. LTC Andre D'Arden can provide that service for you by clicking on the link below.


LTC Andre D'Arden ...

4. Taps Bugler in Baltimore, Maryland area:

Families wanting a Live Taps Bugler in the Baltimore area can contact Jari Villanueva by clicking on the link below.

Jari Villanueva ...

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On the day requested, I will arrive at the funeral site one hour before the anticipated time of the Military Funeral Honors presentation and will coordinate Live Taps with the firing team and/or the military flag presenters.

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